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Something your dentist 🪥 may not have told you!

Here's something I bet your dentist 🦷 didn't share you.

If your like me you enjoy the act of pleasuring your partner. Licking, sucking and taxing the duck excites me. Watching it throb until the veins start to pulsate and that beautiful dick grows into a work of art.

I just got myself excited 😊

Well im going to share a fun fact. After having a very pleasureable night of deep throating or even just sucking dick until it's repeatedly hitting the back of your throat, well that my pleasure seekers can cause bruising to the your esophagus.

Your dentist 🦷 might just be polite by not bringing it up but I'm sure if you ask them, they will share this same information with you.

I hope I was able to share some new information with you. No worries if you are worried we have good head spray it will help with taste and getting it down your throat with less bruising.

I hope this was informative and pleasurable.

Enjoy your night my pleasure seekers 💋💋💋💋💋

CEO Goddess

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