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Lotus Pleasures LLC

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

My company is all about Adult Entertainment. We have so many pleasures all in one company.

Our platforms are as follows

1) This magnificent website

3) Instagram: lotuspleasures1 (follow us)


5) Youtube: Lotus Pleasures

Starting with number 1 which is our website. It shows our vast inventory of pleasure items. Number 2 You can contact us by email for one of our pleasure events where we host and plan Adult themed events such as bachelorette or bachelor parties, engagement, after work happy hour parties we do it all. We also have pleasure parties where we break down how you can use and get the best use out of every pleasure item.

We also specialize in bdsm classes, confidence classes, and sex 101 classes. A full list of classes and 1 on 1 sessions pertaining to better knowledge of our pleasure treats will be available soon.

Then there is 3 our Instagram. It holds a good amount of content since the beginning of Lotus Pleasures LLC.

We have had a few events where we were able to display and sell our pleasure treats.Some event pictures were not able to be put up because of the nature of the content. Moving on to 4 our Facebook, which is where we also display events and content. Lastly 5 is our new staple our YouTube which is still in the beginning stages but active and you still see content there. You can get an idea of our pleasure treats from Lotus Pleasures LLC. Who we are and you can put a face to the name. Some more of our Services include:

Get an exciting essential oil escape

Our price chart is as follows

*****Massages *****

$75.00 for half hour

$150.00 for an hour

$325.00 two hour

Book with us today

***Prices may vary depending on itinerary you choose during your consultation.

Start your day with a pleasure consultation for one of the greatest events of your life. Go to our homepage at the top right press the three black lines and go to Book online. Feel free to DM us @ lotuspleasures1 on instagram. You can also email us at

***Please inquire about our bottle servers and personal assistant that we use for our events.

Coming Soon


Well as always Thank you again and again for your stay! It has been a great pleasure!!!

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