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Looking for Sales Agents

Sales Agent for Lotus Pleasures LLC

In order to make money you have to sell products. Not physically but through our website.

1) You will Tell Customers to subscribe to the company’s website

2) They will be able to view the merchandise. Once they go to the website. After subscribing all the way at the bottom of the home page, they will then scroll baCo to the top right corner of the homepage. There will be three black bars they will press that then a drop menu will show. They will then click on (Shop). All of the inventory will be displayed.

3) Once they make a purchase you will let me know their name.

4) You get paid as soon as I send it out for delivery. Simple!

Sales Chart

Sale $ 100.00 Make $ 35.00

Sale $ 200.00 Make $ 70.00

Sale $ 300.00 Make $ 105.00

Sale $ 400.00 Make $ 140.00

Sale $ 500.00 Make $ 175.00

Sale $ 600.00 Make $ 210.00

Sale $ 700.00 Make $ 245.00

You get the picture! You make money with us!!!

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