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Looking for Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador For Lotus Pleasures LLC

Brand Ambassador position

Base plus Commission

Job Description

*Market company for at least 5 days out of a week referring customers to our:

  1. Website


3. YouTube


4. Twitter


5. Facebook

Lucille Mack

You must tag me on all social media platforms. That way I know you are marketing the Brand. You have to get up to atlesst 10 people weekly to subscribe to the YouTube channel. You will then let me know their name and email address.

  • Attend Pop up Shops or Any event where Merchandise is being sold.

  • The Brand Ambassador will help to continue to help grow the brand.

  • The Brand Ambassador has Automatic acceptance into our Social Club.

  • You have to attend Monthly Meetings for Lotus Pleasures LLC Wether in person or FaceTime. Date will be given each month by CEO Goddess.

For Marketing 5 days out of the week

You will be paid $50.00 weekly if you market on all platforms.

  • If you can’t perform all weekly duties the base rate will drop to $25.00 for weekly marketing rate.

  • You earn commission by selling products like our Sales Agent Same pay rate.

  • You will also be compensated for Attending events were products are sold.

Please send your contact information to

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